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About Us

In the last decade, modular open-source technologies and a philosophy of decentralization have developed in parallel. The result is a family of system modules that when combined, form institutions more than the sum of their parts. Imagine: new prosumer governance forms like data unions and distributed energy cooperatives, or market primitives—such as bonding curves and blockchain tokens—that automate liquidity and provide real time price discovery.

Curve Labs is a team of design interventionists who research and implement these building blocks to create proofs of concept. We engage in the playful, combinational use of different modules to architect institutions that couldn’t exist before. Our team has deep experience in distributed and open-source technologies, and together, we believe we can address crucial problems of the anthropocene today ➰


Use Cases

Composable Data Marketplaces

Multi-sided market platforms where data providers can unionize, aggregate, and monetize the value of their individual and collective data, trustlessly trading with consumers who discover, curate and buy data.

Distributed Energy

Local, municipal, clean: the architecture of our distributed energy markets has the potential to cut costs for cooperative prosumers while managing increased stress on system operators.

Decentralized Carbon Standard & Attribution Network

Global carbon exchange requires a trustlessly settled marketplace that can be collectively governed, as well as accurate and verifiable environmental data. We aim to create distributed, transparent and secure tools that technically tackle carbon challenges.

Long Tail Financialisation

Bonding curves are a distributed financial primitive that automate market making and enable liquid price discovery, simplify capitalization for long-tail businesses (SMEs) and can be applied to data, energy, and carbon markets. They are a key part of Curve Labs’ models.

Meet the Lab

Cem Dagdelen

Researcher and mechanism designer passionate about architecting financial and organizational primitives to address coordination challenges

Pat Rawson

Governance expert and team catalyst responsible for lab operations, project management, and communications

Olivier Sarrouy

Technical lead and former professor specializing in distributed organizations and technologies

Raphaël Haupt

Energy and carbon specialist deeply experienced in distributed systems architecture and prototype implementation

On Composable Data Markets

Understand our design approach to incentivizing a rich, sovereign data commons


We work with Open-source toolkits to build distributed
proofs of concept

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