Architecting cybernetic
solutions for the distributed economy

In the last decade, modular open-source technologies and a philosophy of decentralization have developed in parallel.

The result is a family of system modules that when combined, form institutions more than the sum of their parts. Imagine: new prosumer governance forms like data unions and distributed energy cooperatives, or market primitives—such as bonding curves and blockchain tokens—that automate liquidity and provide real time price discovery.

Curve Labs is a team of design interventionists who research and implement these building blocks to create proofs of concept.

We engage in the playful, combinational use of different modules to architect institutions that couldn’t exist before. Our team has deep experience in distributed and open-source technologies, and together, we believe we can address crucial problems of the anthropocene today ➰


Composable Design Intervention

Combinational assemblages of components are the future of organizational systems design. We see ourselves as institutional architects sourcing open-source design primitives and patterns. Think: data unions, energy cooperatives, and complementary currencies backed by carbon reduction.

Social and Solidarity Economy

We aim to democratize finance using bonding curves and other market primitives to facilitate a liquid and sustainable long-tail of emerging ecosystems. We imagine a new distributed global financial order interconnected by tens of thousands of complementary currencies and local collectives.

Cyber-physical Infrastructures

Institutions of the future will be built on cyber-physical systems with digital shadows. These new infrastructures and interfaces must maximize user self-sovereignty and privacy, ensuring they work for both people and the environment.

the team

Cem Dagdelen

Researcher and mechanism designer passionate about architecting financial and organizational primitives to address coordination challenges

Pat Rawson

Governance expert and team catalyst: responsible for lab operations, project mgmt and comms

Raphaël Haupt

Energy and carbon specialist deeply experienced in distributed systems architecture and prototypes

Olivier Sarrouy

Technical lead and former professor specializing in distributed organizations and technologies

Arseny Akinfiev

Web3 full-stack engineer and hacker.

Helin Can

Architect and art director who wants to adapt architecture theory towards cybernetic infrastructures and control systems.



Digital Cooperatives

Regenerative currency

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Digital Cooperatives


Regenerative currency


PAST Projects

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